It's time to talk about building a world beyond pesticides...

Beyond Pesticides

Rachel Carson first sounded the alarm and drew popular attention  to thinking about eco "systems" over 50 years ago.

In 1981, Jay Feldman and colleagues launched the membership organization Beyond Pesticides.

The technical campaigning, policy development, political engagement and advocacy work Beyond Pesticides and colleagues across North America including Pesticide Action Network, CAPE, Greenpeace, Sierra Club Canada, David Suzuki Foundation, Friends of the Earth, Equiterre, Ecojustice and many others have undertaken has been a tremendous uphill effort.

Their frontline work on an issue-by-issue basis has given us ample evidence that the way we are doing things is simply unsustainable.

We require a new conversation...

While the issues advocacy remains essential, we must do more than reform a bankrupt paradigm. The new soils sciences, the new biology, and the vast universe that is the microbiome demands it.  

We require a new conversation that addresses the underlying world views and assumptions steeped in "better living through chemistry" techno-fixes that ignore biology, systems, and the ecological imperatives we must live within so others can simply live.

Through our network, we will celebrate pioneers making the paradigm shift to a life-giving economy. We will provide an antidote to the noise generated by millions of lobby dollars from the Big 6 to confuse a slowly waking public. We may not have globalization-focused foundations pouring millions into our outreach, but we have millions pouring their hearts and souls into building a world beyond pesticides.

Join Us

Whether you are a lifetime advocate or new to civic engagement, we invite you to join our network. We welcome new ideas and value volunteers, new and old! for details